Storfossen (Hommelvik)

Storfossen is a nice waterfall 5 kilometer south of Hommelvik in the region Sør-Trondelag, Norway. Actually the waterfall is located quite close to the airport of Trondheim.

Driving from Trondheim to Homelvik over road E6, take the exit to Bakken/Selbu (road 963) and drive south for 4,4 kilometer. There is a sign and a small parking at the left side of the road (gps63.373971, 10.771497), at the forrest Humlastien.

There is a trail (with signs) going directly to Storfossen. There are signs but at the first crossing they forgot the sign Storfossen. Go left here!!! After a few minutes you already can see Storfossen falling down with great power. The first view is a little from above but you can walk down to the river. Be careful when it has rained. The first part is steep and slippery.

After enjoying Storfossen you can walk back up. A little further there is a sign for Mettifossen. Actually Mettifossen is a sort of second lower fall of the Storfossen. A small waterfall in front of Storfossen.

Walking back again you also see a sign for Dølafossen. You can keep on walking along the river Homla. A nice trail but we skipped this one when I was there August 2018.

Storfossen - HommelvikUnfortunately I was going to Storfossen (July 2017) quit unprepared and didn’t read my own route description very well. I ended at the other side of the valley where there was a viewpoint on the waterfall from above. But the trees limited the view and I couldn’t see Storfossen very well. The road to the viewpoint was also very bad, so better don’t do this. In 2018 I realized that Storfossen is very easy to visit.

Storfossen means big waterfall and is one of three waterfall in a row that cascades down in the river Homla over a height of 80 meters (all together).

The first waterfall (most north) is Dølafossen (or  Dølanfossen) which I think is also a beautiful waterfall with 2 drops. Dølafossen has a total height of 25 meters.

The second waterfall is a rather small waterfall called Mettifossen and is located 150 meter downstream from Storfossen, also easy to reach.

Storfossen HommelvikThe third waterfall, the highest, is Storfossen with a single drop of 35 meters. When driving from Hommelvik you can already see the waterfall in the distance.

There is also a fourth waterfall called Kverhusfossen with a height of about 6 meters, but there is no picture or information available.

Another waterfall worthwhile to visit is the enormous Henfallet, a big (and surprising) waterfall near Tydal, 80 kilometer southeast. This is the highest waterfall inSør-Trondelag.

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About Storfossen (Hommelvik)

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
LocationNyhus Bakken-Hommelvik-Trondheim
Best visitSummer

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