Storskogvassfossen is one of the nicer waterfalls in the north of Norway with a total drop of 18 meter. The waterfall is located near Lakshol (Nordfjord) in Rago national park, in the region Nordland.

It needs a firm walk to get at Storskogvassfossen:
The hike starts at Lakshol, not far from Nordfjord. Just follow the road further northeast from Nordfjord until the road stops at a big parking. The trail starts easy with some nice viewpoints. After 3,5 km  you can see the huge Vaerivassfossen in the distance with a total drop of 225 meter. You have to walk further for another 3,5 kilometer before you reach Storskogvatnet and Storskogvassfossen. I am not sure which of the waterfalls is called Storskogvassfossen, because there are several waterfalls near the lake. The walk takes appr. 2 hour and has an ascend of 200 meter with some small steep parts.

There are several tremendous waterfalls in Rago nasjonalpark. I already mentioned the most impressive one Vaerivassfossen (or Litlverivassforsen). The trailhead lies just outside Nordfjord.

Another one is called Skogarfoss and must be somewhere near the Skorskogvatnet, but I can’t find this one on the map. Probably this is a name somebody gave to it.

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About Storskogvassfossen

LocationMegården-Lakshøla- Rago Nasjonalpark
Best visitSummer

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