(Svøufallet, Svøufossen)

Svoufallet (officially written as Svøufallet) or Svoufossen is an enormous waterfall in the gorge Åmotan and is located near Jenstad (Gjøra) not far from Sunndalsøra in the region More og Romsdalen, Norway.

Svoufallet-Linndalsfallet-parkingFrom Sunndalsøra it is a 33 kilometer drive (on road Rv70) to Gjøra where you have to go right to Åmotan and the campingsite Gjøra (nice camping on a beautiful location). Follow the road past the campingsite and wait until you see a road at the left going up. There is no sign but after 2 kilometer there is a parking (paid) where several trails into Åmotan begins. A brochure with the trails are lying at an information board. But most of the time you can also get the brochure at a camping site or gas station.

Svoufallet-view-trailThe parking is close to Reppfallet and Svøufallet but I started my tour with the trail going to Linndalsfallet. At the parking you have to go into the forrest and the path goes up. There are signs but sometimes these are confusing. The walk through the forrest is beautiful with some great views. Along the trail you see Svøufallet in the distance from a higher viewpoint. The path is sometimes lightly challenging and it takes appr 25 minutes to Linndalsfallet.

Svoufallet-trailThere are two (even three) ways to walk to Svøuyfallet. I decided to walk back the same way and to walk to Reppfallet (5 minutes), along the farm and the edge of the meadow to a path going steeply down into the forrest. Soon you will have an awesome view on Svøufallet.

There is also a path a little bit further north of the parking (along the road to the parking). Here a steep path goes down into the forrest and ends at the same point as the road before.

Third option is not to walk back from Linndalsfossen but go further up and walk down at the other side of the gorge. The path is more challenging and takes a lot more time. Years ago I walked the roundtrip trail along all three waterfalls and I was exhausted.

Svoufallet-forrest-rainbowBack to the viewpoint, in the forrest, on Svøufallet. I was at Åmotan early in the morning (10 a.m.) the perfect moment for visiting Svøufallet. At least if the sun is shining. I saw a perfect rainbow, 180°, and a little bit to the left I saw a second rainbow!

July 2017, when I was in Åmotan, there was an enormous amount of water, in the river Grødela, plunging down with great power ending at the bottom of the gorge Åmotan. Single drop of Svøufallet is 156 meter, but the total height is appr. 250 meter. At the picture from a distance you see all of the waterfall.

Best time to visit all waterfalls in the Åmotan gorge is from early summer to summertime. To advise a daytime is more difficult: early in the morning is perfect for Svøufallet (falls to the south-southeast) but for Linndalsfallet (falls to the west)  late in the afternoon is a better time. If the sky is clouded, daytime doesn’t matter to much anymore.

I enjoyed the view, early in the morning, on Svøufallet very much and it seems this was the perfect spot building a house. I spend more time enjoying the waterfall and taking photo’s from all kind of angles. The waterfall is certainly in my top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Norway, maybe even on number 1!

Svoufallet-Linndalsfallet-Reppfallet-map-hikeIt is not only the waterfall that counts but also the surrounding nature. Åmotan is a incredible beautiful gorge where 4 powerful rivers (Grødøla,Grøvu, Reppa and Linndøla) join each other before ending in the river Driva. Click on the map left for more information or copy the link ( into a new window for a larger version.

The four waterfalls are also near a popular hiking region Dovrefjell and Oppdal. A nice region to spend your vacation.

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About Svoufallet

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionMøre og Romsdal
LocationGrøvudalen, Åmotan, Fjellgarden, Jenstad,
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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