Tauplitzer wasserfall

The Tauplitzer wasserfall is a very nice waterfall north of Tauplitz in the region Steiermark, Austria.

The walk starts in the centre of Tauplitz where there are several parkings. There is a big parking at the ski lift in Tauplitz where you can park your car for free (gps 47.563468, 14.013594).

From the parking it is a 3,5 kilometer (50-60 minute) walk to the Tauplitzer wasserfall. The walk is easy and beautiful with an ascent of 80 meter. There is a description of the hike on Bergfex and there are signs “wasserfall” you can follow.

If you don’t want or can’t walk all the way, there is also a very small parking closer to the waterfall along the Gnanitzweg (gps 47.579897, 14.026325). I think it is allowed to drive up to this parking. From here it is 10-15 minute walk to the first viewpoint.

You can visit the base of the Tauplitzer wasserfall where you have a really nice view on two waterfalls (almost) joining each other. At the right it looks like a small waterfall in the river Grimming, but if you look carefully you see more drops above. At the left you see the bigger waterfall in the river Tiefenbach. You can also walk to the top of this waterfall.

Unfortunately I missed the Tauplitzer wasserfall when I was visiting several other waterfalls in July 2020, very close to Tauplitz (like the Lessern wasserfall). When scrolling through the google map I saw a waterfall at Tauplitz.

Best time to visit the Tauplitzer wasserfall is late spring/early summer (or after rainfall) when the river Grimming can exceed to a volume of 20 m³/s.

I really liked this region of Austria, so I certainly will come back one day.

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About Tauplitzer wasserfall

CountryWaterfalls in Austria
Best visitLate spring, early summer

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