Þórðarfoss or Thordarfoss is a waterfall in the south of Iceland near Hvolsvöllur. The river Þórðara falls down over a cliff created by a Volcanic eruption. At the last ice age the coast line lied at the beginning of the hill. Thordarfoss is fed by melting water from the Tindfjallajokull glacier. Total height of theThjordarfoss is appr. 80 meters.

It is said that Gunnar Hlíðarendi, one of the main characters from the great saga of Njáll, here is buried. And few hundred meters to the east lies the Gluggafoss or Merkjárfoss.

From road 1 near Hvolsvöllur, take road 261 (Fljótshlíðarvegur) to the East. After 17 kilometers, near Fljótshlíð, the Thordarfoss will show up. Just near the crossing at road 261>250. From road 1 it is also possible to take road 250 until you reach the crossing 261>250. The waterfall is visible from the roadside.

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About Thordarfoss

CountryWaterfalls in Iceland
RegionSuðurland, Rangárvallasýsla
LocationHvolsvöllur - Fljótshlíð
Best visitSummer

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