(Bjørgofossen, Fossadrevet)

Turlifossen or Bjørgofossen are the official names of a waterfall along road 50 near Aurlandsvangen. The river Turlielva/Tverrelva falls down in a single drop over 160 meters (measured with a laser height meter), but runs further the last part cascading over 40 meters. The total height of the Turlifossen is 245 meters (map).

Turlifossen waterfall is being fed by melting water from a small glacier Blåskavlen (5km2) at a mountain with the same name Blåskavlen (1819 meters). This is the highest point in the region. The same source as the Volefossen at the Aurlandsfjorden.

From Aurlandsvangen take road E16 to Laerdal, but take the exit at the roundabout to road 50 just before the tunnel towards Vassbygdi. After a hundred meters you cross the river Turlielvi where you can park the car. From here you can walk to the base of the Turlifossen in 5-10 minutes. Best view on Turlifossen is when keeping right of the big rock following the trail to Turli. For the real hikers you can walk on to the top for another 2 kilometers where you have a wonderful view.

Turlifossen was one of the nicer waterfalls when I visited Norway in may 2015. Most of the waterfalls were empty or with a small stream. Turlifossen had a quit respectable stream but is much more powerful in june-july when the temperatures rises and melted snow feeds the Turlifossen.

When taking pictures of the Turlifossen you mostly photograph towards the north or northwest. Best time to visit the Turlifossen is in the morning or at midday.

One thought on “Turlifossen

  • 26 August 2018 at 21:30

    My grandfather Lars Ivar Turli grew up on the farm at the end of the “Turlivegen” road. He came to the USA in early 1900’s and settled first in Minnesota and finally in eastern Montana. Other close kin settled in Saskatchewan about the same time.

    The waterfall is truly beautiful! I have seen it from below but so far I have not hiked the trail.

    s/ Ken Skrivseth, son of Eleanor Torborg Turli Skrivseth, and grandson of Lars Ivar Turli.


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About Turlifossen

CountryWaterfalls in Norway
RegionSogn og Fjordane
Best visitEarly summer-summer

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