Uchan-su Vodospad

(Учан-Су, Уча́н-Су, Uçan Suv)

Uchan su waterfall is a popular tourist attraction and is the highest waterfall in Ukraine. Located 7 km from the city of Yalta halfway to Ai-Petri Mountain. The waterfall is 98 meter high at an altitude of 390 meter and is most powerful during the spring when it is fed by snow melt in the mountains.

The Uchan-Su Waterfall is formed by the namesake river that originates at the edge of one of the Ai-Petri tops and flows down the steep slope, falling down with a crash at the altitude of 390 meters. Its torrent strikes stone ledges and turns into water dust, providing a fantastic spectacle.

The Uchan-Su Waterfall from the Crimean Tatar language means “flying water.” Crimean Greeks named it Kremasto Nero or “hanging water”. The falls completely corresponds to this number of names and many faces: it looks different at different times of the year. Rugged and rumbling in the spring, in the summer it becomes a a few lazy water streams, trickling down.. In severe winter, it freezes, turning into an impressive canvas, as if woven of crystal fibers.

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