(Værivassfossen, Litlverivassforsen)

Værivassfossen (also called Litlverivassforsen) is one of the highest waterfalls in the north of Norway with a total drop of 223 meter. The waterfall is located near Lakshol (Nordfjord) in Rago national park, in the region Nordland.

There are two ways you can go to Vaerivassfossen (Litlverivassforsen):
1) Start hiking from Nordfjord (trailhead starts just east of Nordfjord). There is a parking at the left side of the road (gps 67.44188, 15.74295) with picnic facilities. There is even a toilet and a wooden shelter for rain.
2) Start hiking from Lakshol. Just follow the road further northeast from Nordfjord until the road stops at a bigger parking (gps 67.45211, 15.77507). From this trail you can see the waterfall in the distance from below. It is a 3,5 km walk before you can see Vaerivassfossen with an ascend of 190 meter. Easier then option 1 but the view is less spectacular.

Parking Litlverivassforsen (Vaerivassfossen)When we were visiting Rago nasjonalpark August 2018 we decided to go for option 1. I am glad we did this because this was the highlight of our northern Norway tour. The views are amazing and Vaerivassfossen (Litlverivassforsen) was more powerful and taller then I imagined. Especially the las part of the trail is astonishing beautiful.

We started our hike at 11 a.m. and the weather forecast was bad. Nevertheless we were looking forward to go into Rago. The sign you have to follow is Litlverivasvatnet 5,5 km. First part of the trail is steep with some parts very steep. The path is wel maintained and on the steep part there are 4 benches you can rest. In one hour time we descended 369 meter. After the steep part you walk into a wet part of the trail (especially after rainfall). Better I had treated my shoes so they were waterproof….

hike-litlverivassforsen (Vaerivassfossen)It is easy to follow the trail, you see a path or there are red dots at parts you don’t know where to go. Third part of the hike is more difficult, you have to climb over big rocks and there are some difficult parts. Finally you have reached the part with the magnificent views walking on massive stones. It took us 2,5 hour (indeed 5,5 km) before we had the first view on Vaerivassfossen (Litlverivassforsen).

Litlverivassforsen (Vaerivassfossen)Before you descend to lake Litlverivasvatnet (Bassejavrre) first walk to the edge of the plateau. Be careful, you don’t want to fall down! But here you have a great view on the valley and you can see all of the 223 meter of Vaerivassfossen (Litlverivassforsen) falling down from the lake.

Litlverivassforsen (Vaerivassfossen)Afterwards go back to the trail or just walk down to the bridge over the waterfall. Again you have a great view here. We spend over an hour enjoying all the beauty.

There are several other tremendous waterfalls in Rago nasjonalpark. One of these waterfalls is  Storskogvassfossen. Storkogvassfossen is located on the trail of option two but you have to walk further into the valley (along the Nordfjordelva).

Another great fall is the Skogarfoss and must be somewhere near the Storskogvatnet, but I can’t find this one on the map. Probably this is a name somebody gave to it.

2 thoughts on “Vaerivassfossen

  • 4 May 2019 at 18:00


    I’m going to Norway with my dog next month. Could you give me information about the Litlverivassforsen hike? Is it possible with a dog? Can you give me the number of kilometers and the altitude difference?

    Thank you

    • 5 May 2019 at 09:24

      The hike is 5,5 km long with an alt difference of a little more then 400 meter (see the screenshot of the hike in my post). It is possible to hike with a dog to the lake but there is one part where you have to climb a small ladder and a part where you have to climb over a rock. I don’t know how big your dog is? As far as I can remember rest of the trail is okay to do with a dog. After rainy weather the trail can be some swampy at a part.

      I hope this information is sufficient. It is really a very beautiful hike!

      Have fun.


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CountryWaterfalls in Norway
LocationNordfjord/Sorfold-Rago Nasjonalpark

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