Vanovsky vodopad

(Vaňovský vodopád)

Vaňovský vodopád is a waterfall south of Ústí nad Labem along road 30 that runs along the river Elbe in the Czech Republic.

When driving south from Ústí nad Labem on road 30 the waterfall is located near Vaňov. You have to turn right and drive to the overpass and then turn right again. After 100 meter there is a small parking (along the railway) with a board and the beginning of a trail.

The trail ascents more then 100 meter and is well marked, to the bottom of Vaňovský vodopád.

Vaňovský vodopád is one of the nicer waterfalls in the Czech Republic. Water of the river Podlešínský potok drops down over a basalt formation and is 25 meter high.

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About Vanovsky vodopad

CountryWaterfalls in Czech republic
RegionÚstí nad Labem
LocationÚstí nad Labem
RiverPodlešínský potok
Best visitAfter rainfall

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