Vysny vodopad

(Vyšný vodopád)

Vyšný vodopád is a 16 meter high waterfall in the national park Slovenský raj and is located southwest of Letanovce. The waterfall can be found just after Závojový vodopád.

Závojový vodopád is one of the highest waterfalls in Slovakia with a total drop of 75 meter. In 5 stages the river Sokoli potok drops down, with a largest single drop of 20 meter. Závojový vodopád is part of

From Letanovce drive south over a small road to Slovenský raj and park the car near Kláštorisko, the ruins of a 14th century monastery. From here a trail starts going east and bends to the south. I think there are signs and that the walk takes appr 70 minutes.

At the waterfall Závojový vodopád you can climb to the top over a system of several ladders, difficult to climb!

There are a lot of waterfalls nearby in the national park Slovenský raj, a great area to visit.

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About Vysny vodopad

CountryWaterfalls in Slovakia
LocationKlástorisko/Sokolia dolina, Letanovce
RiverSokoli potok
Best visitSpring, after rainfall

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