Zapotoški slapovi

(Zadnja Trenta Slap)

Zapotoški slapovi or Slap Zadnja Trenta is a gorgeous waterfall with beautiful colors plunging down in an emerald pool. Zapotoški slapovi is located west of the village of Trenta, Slovenia.

The waterfall is difficult to reach and only flows after heavy rainfall. On the way to Zapotoški slapovi you will pass several other small waterfalls.

From road 206 there is a small road following the river bed of the Soca river that is heading towards Zapotoški slapovi. After the road ends, park the car. From here you have to follow the path that should be visible, following the river bed. In the beginning there are some red dots.

After 50 minutes you reach the first waterfall, a really nice one, appr 8 meter heigh plunging in a green colored pool. Just follow the river bed enjoying several waterfalls of 2 to 7 meters high until you finally reach the last one Slap Zadnja Trenta.

Map picture at the right: © OpenStreetMap

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About Zapotoški slapovi

CountryWaterfalls in Slovenia
RegionGoriška - Tolmin
RiverSushi potok (Soca)
Best visitAfter heavy rainfall

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