Bosnia and Herzegovina

Waterfalls in Bosnia and HerzegovinaThe nicest part of Bosnia and Herzegovina with several gorgeous waterfalls is located at the border of Croatia. There aren’t many known waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina but if there is a waterfall it is (most of the time) a very beautiful waterfall.

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Map of waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Best rated waterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Name Region Locations Height # Rating #
Martin Brod North west Martin Brod - Nacionalni park Una 20-54 m20
Strbacki buk North west Donji Štrbci/Kestenovac - Nacionalni park Una 24 m24
Bliha vodopad North west Fajtovci/Sanski Most 40 m40
Vodopad Kocusa North west Veljaci, Lubuški 5 m5

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