Strbacki buk

(Štrbački buk)

Štrbački buk is the biggest waterfall in the river Una and still quit unspoiled. Štrbački buk is located on the border with Croatia, south of Doljane in Nacionalni park Una (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Easiest acces to Štrbački buk is from Orasac, road R408. A small dust road runs to the river Una and follows the river Una north until you reach Štrbački buk (8 km).

Štrbački buk is also part of a rapid taken on a rafting route. The river Una drops down over 18-24 meter.

Upstream of the river Una (south) you will find an ever greater Tufta waterfall, Martin Brod.

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About Strbacki buk

CountryBosnia and Herzegovina
RegionNorth west
Location Donji Štrbci/Kestenovac - Nacionalni park Una
Best visitSpring