Aira force

Aira force is a 21 meter high waterfall at Ullswater in the region Cumbria/England (United Kingdom).

Driving on the M6 at Pennrith, take the exit to Kesswick (A66). At troutbeck take the A5091 to Ullswater. Turn left at the end, there is a big parking lot on the left after 100 meters. Aira force can be reached in a few minutes.

Aira Force is gorgeous waterfall: the river Aira beck drops down over 21 meter at an ancient stone bridge. The river name Aira is derived from Old Norse eyrr that means gravel bank. The Old Norse word fors means waterfall and is still used for waterfall names in the north of Norway and at the border with Sweden. In northern English dialects fors is nowadays written as ‘Force’. Aira force means: waterfall at the gravel bank.

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About Aira force

CountryUnited Kingdom
RiverAira beck
Best visitAfter heavy rainfall