Arizes, Cascade d’

(Cascade d'Arises)

Cascade d’Arizes is a gorgeous waterfall at the Tourmalet, one of the famous mountains in the Pyrenees, France.

When driving from Campan to Argeles Gazost over road D918 you will climb on to the col du Tourmalet. The road goes up to an amazing height of 2.115 meters. In summertime it is very crowded with bicycles. col du Tourmalet is one of the highlights in the “Tour de France”,  a cycle tour of 3 weeks and very popular in Europe.

After Artigues there is a small, very old sign, pointing to Cascade d’Arizes. From the roadside it is a short and easy walk through the woods until you see the amazing Cascade d’Arizes.

Although Cascade d’Arizes is only 25 meters high (measured), it looks very nice. The waterfall of Cascade d’Arizes is not far away from the bigger cascade du Garet.

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About Arizes, Cascade d’

RegionMidi Pyrenees/Haute Pyrenees
LocationArtigues-Lourdes-col du Tourmalet
RiverL'Adour de Arizes
Best visitEarly summer