Cascade d’Ourdegon

Cascade d’Ourdegon is a waterfall near Luz Saint Sauveur in the French Pyrenees with an irregular flow.

Driving from Luz Saint Sauveur to the top of the col du Tourmalet, on the left side suddenly appeared a huge and massive waterfall. Although I was there earlier this was the first time I noticed the waterfall. Probably there is a power plant that loses water at certain moments. The sign I photographed suggests that it can be very dangerous.

There aren’t many waterfalls so powerful as Cascade d’Ourdegon (a name I gave to the waterfall, named after the mountain), but there is no guarantee that the waterfall flows.

Note: I am not sure this is the right location but it must be somewhere near this gps coordinate.

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About Cascade d’Ourdegon

RegionHautes Pyrenees
LocationBareges/Luz Saint Sauveur
RiverRuisseau d'Ourdégon or Ruisseau du Lac Det Ca
Best visitIrregular

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