The Aubachfall is a gorgeous waterfall south of Salzburg, near Voglau/Abtenau in the region Salzburg. From road A10 take the exit Scheffau/Voglau/Abtenau. Just before Voglau the waterfall is located at the left side of the road.

From the road take the exit Voglau until crossing a bridge, turn left. Further on the road there is a sign to the Aubachfall which takes you down a stairs in 5 min. to the fall. It isn’t one of the biggest falls in Austria but very spectacular.

The Aubach flows from a gorge between Egelseehörndl and Einberg. The first step (out of five) plunges down over 15 meters into a basin. After that there are three other steps in a row of 10 meter, then one of 20 meters, then the biggest of 40 meters and the last step is 12 meters high and is a big washed out half cave.

The walls are almost vertical and show suit of slickenside surfaces and  the Aubachfall is about 80 meters high and shows a geologically conditioned erosion notch in the hard Trias rock. The Aubachfall allows an exceedingly clear study of the tectonic and stratigraphic construction of this rock to scientists.

Other waterfalls nearby are the Gollinger wasserfall and Dachserfall.

© 5-6th picture Broderick Dyke, Austria

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About Aubachfall

Best visitMai-June

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