Bajlovica sige

Bajlovica sige is a waterfall in the Tara canyon (Kanjon Tara), northeast of Žabljak, in the northern part of Montenegro.

Bajlovica sige is a waterfall with a height of appr 30 meter fed by a spring in a cave called Bucevica. The waterfall can only be viewed when rafting on the river Tara that flow through a 82 kilometer long gorge. Kanjon Tara is one of the deepest gorges in Europa with a depth of appr 1.300 meter!

In springtime the volume of Bajlovica sige can rise up to appr. 0,3 m3/sec.

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About Bajlovica sige

LocationKanjon Tara (Tara river canyon), Žabljak (Жабљак)
RiverBucevica cave (Tara)
Best visitSpring