Skakavac vodopad (Sutjeska)

Skakavac vodopad is located in Sujetska national park in the eastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Skakavac means grasshopper.

Skakavac vodopad drops down over 75 meter in the Sujetska river, just below the highest mountain of Bosnia Heregovina, the Maglić (2.386 m).

Skakavac vodopad is located 100 kilometer south of Sarajevo near Tjentište/Perućica (road M20). From Popov Most drive to Dragos Sedlu (dustroad) where the trail (Perućica) to Skakavac starts. As far as I could understand the trail is not signed and goes down. To go to the bottom of the waterfall you have to descend steeply!

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About Skakavac vodopad (Sutjeska)

CountryWaterfalls in Bosnia and Herzegovina
LocationTjentište (Sutjeska National Park)

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