Beaume, Cascade de la

Cascade de la Beaume is a waterfall near Le Brignon in the river Beaume. Cascade de la Beaume is located north of Le Brignon (Le Puy en Velay) along road d54 in the region Haute Loire, France.

From the bridge over the rive Beaume (D54) there is a small path heading east following the river. After 10 minutes you will see Cascade de la Beaume.

A local legend says that at the time of the Lords, the daughter of Lord and Lady Beaume had lingered in the forest. Crossing the Beaume, she saw in the water the image of the devil. Mad, she wanted to jump into the deep gorges of the Loire. But the devil she thought he saw was nothing but a little goatherd castle that his parents had sent for her. The goatherd took a liking to her and the two children became inseparable.

One night, the father spoke of a cure for madness: plenty of cold water thrown on the heads of madmen could heal. The next day, the little goatherd dragged the girl up the waterfall and to convince her to jump, said: “I see the image of the Blessed Virgin at the bottom. Oh, come and see how beautiful she is! “She leaned over, grabbed the goatherd with her and jumped from the top of the cliff. Mary braked their fall. When the goatherd regained consciousness, the girl was no longer mad. They married and thus a little goatherd became lord of the Beaume. (Wikipedia)

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About Beaume, Cascade de la

RegionHaute Loire
LocationLe Brignon
Best visitSpring