Cascade de la Gueule d’enfer

Cascade de la Gueule d’enfer is an unknown waterfall with a single drop of 250 meter, located along road N102 at Thueyts in the Ardeche, France. At least when there is water in the river.

When driving on road N102 there is a big parking at the bridge with three big flags. This is the viewpoint la Gueule d’enfer. Park the car here for free (gps 44.675310, 4.223773).

First thing I did (april 2023) was to walk to the viewpoint on the bridge. Here you should see the waterfall beneath the bridge. Unfortunately there was hardly any water in the river…. I think it is quite rear to see a real waterfall but I can imagine that after heavy rainfall you can see a nice waterfall.

You also can walk down along the gorge following the signs “pont Diable”. A gorgeous trail but still I didn’t saw water falling down, a little bit disappointing….

Another option is to go back to the car and drive east for 1 kilometer, in the direction of Aubenas, until there is a small sign (pointing right) “viewpoint pont du Diable”. Drive down the road for again 1 kilometer until you are driving over the river again to have a view. 

Gueule d’enfer is a natural rock formation. The name “Gueule d’enfer” literally translates to “Mouth of Hell” in English, which reflects the dramatic appearance of the formation. Gueule d’enfer is a narrow and deep canyon that was formed over millions of years by the Ardèche River, which flows through the region. The rock walls of the canyon are over 30 meters high and are made up of layers of limestone and volcanic rocks.

One of the highlights of a visit to Gueule d’enfer is the Pont du Diable, or Devil’s Bridge, which spans the Ardèche River at the entrance to the canyon. The bridge is a stunning example of medieval architecture and dates back to the 14th century. It is made of local limestone and features a single arch that spans over 40 meters. You can swim at pont du Diable. There is a parking but it can be very crowded.


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About Cascade de la Gueule d’enfer

RegionAuvergne-Rhône-Alpes (Ardeche)
Riverruisseau le Merdaric
Best visitAfter a rainy period

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