Cabrito, Cascata do

(Salto do Cabrito)

Cascata do Cabrito (also named Salto do Cabrito) is a remarkable waterfall near Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande on the Island of São Miguel, Azores, Portugal.

From Ribeira Grande take road EN-2a to Lagoa do Fogo. Halfway you have to take an exit to the left (gps37.799042, -25.501442) at a sign “Escritorios Fabrica”, drive on and stay left until you reach a big parking (gps37.795535, -25.495993). From here it is a 5 minute walk to a viewpoint on Cascata do Cabrito.

Cascata do Cabrito has two (visible) major stages and is appr. 20 meter high. I saw pictures of canyoning in Cascata do Cabrito, so probably the total height of the waterfall is much higher.

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About Cabrito, Cascata do

LocationCaldeiras da Ribeira Grande, in Conceição, Ribeira Grande, Ilha de São Miguel
Best visitAfter rainy period