Salto do Rosal

Salto do Rosal is a gorgeous waterfall near Furnas on the Isle of São Miguel (Azores), Portugal.

The roads on São Miguel are in a perfect condition and along the coast parts are even a highway. From Ponta Delgada it was a 45 minute drive and I saw a small parking near a fence along the road. From here it was only an easy 20 minute walk (of great beauty) to the base of Salto do Rosal. What I didn’t knew that I entered a parc where you had to pay admission for…. Later on when we drove a few hundred further, to the chapel at Furnas lake, I saw an official entrance.

Nevertheless we enjoyed this gorgeous waterfall very much although there was little water in Salto do Rosal. The waterfall surprised me and I never saw such a beautiful nature. It is also possible to bath a little in the pond in front of Salto do Rosal.

On the way to the waterfall there is an old house (ruine) that is gorgeous to see and very photogenic. We also crossed a very tall tree, I think it was a sequoia.

I think Salto do Rosal is one of the most beautiful places you can visit on São Miguel and certainly one of the better waterfalls you have to visit.

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About Salto do Rosal

CountryWaterfalls in Portugal
RegionAzores - São Miguel
LocationFurnas Lake
RiverX no name
Best visitAfter a rainy period

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