Cascada Pena La Igualta

(Cascada de Mañores)

Cascada Pena La Igualta or Cascada de Mañores is a 20 meter high waterfall near the hamlet of Fuejo in the region Asturias, Spain.

It is possible to walk to Cascada Pena La Igualta from Fuejo or from Mañores. There is small road from Fuejo to Mañores. Halfway there is a path going east, into some vegetation. Follow the path until the vegetation stops and there is greenland. Now there is a path going left (east) that leads to Cascada Pena La Igualta. From the roadside the walk should take appr. 15 minutes.

In springtime the waterfall Cascada Pena La Igualta can grow to an impressive and powerful waterfall. I am not sure if its worthwhile to visit the waterfall in summertime, I guess it runs dry.

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About Cascada Pena La Igualta

RiverArroyo de Manores
Best visitSpring

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