Chorreras, Cascade de los

Cascade de los Chorreras is a small waterfall in Parque Natural de las Sierras Subbéticas with a height of appr. 10 meters. Cascade de los Chorreras is located south of Zuheros in the region Andalucía-Córdoba, Spain.

From Zuheros road CV-247 is going south for 3 kilometers until a dust road shows up at the right side of the road. From here you have to walk for appr 7 kilometers (90-120 minutes).

Cascade de los Chorreras is a low volume waterfall that only is a visit worthwhile in a rainy season. The river arroyo de la Fuenseca drops down over 10 meters in a very nice settings over with moss covered stones.

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About Chorreras, Cascade de los

CountryWaterfalls in Spain
RegionAndalucía-Córdoba (Sierra Nevada)
RiverArroyo de la Fuenseca
Best visitAfter rainfall