Dietrich, Cascade

Cascade Dietrich is a nice waterfall near Casteil in the French Pyrenees. From Perpignan drive to Prades (N116) and turn left to Vernet les Bains on road D27. In Vernet turn left to Casteil (D116). In Casteil there are small signs for Cascade Dietrich/Ravin de la Guilla.

From the parking it is a short and easy walk through a beautiful surrounding. The walk takes appr 10 minutes (700 meters).

When we were there in summertime there was hardly any water in the river but still it was a nice place to visit. There is still wildlife to be seen: I almost walked on a very big bird of prey. But he didn’t seem to have problems with my visit. It was sitting on a branch on eye level.

Probably Cascade Dietrich is higher then I expected at the time because the waterfall has three stages with a total descend of appr. 50 meters.

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About Dietrich, Cascade

RegionMidi Pyrenees/Ariege
LocationVernet les Bains
RiverCòrrec Dels Esmorzadors
Height25m +50m
Best visitSpring-after rainfall