Drini i Bardhë

(White Drin Waterfall)

The waterfall Drini i Bardhë (White Drin waterfall) is a 25 meter high waterfall in a river called Drini i Bardhë. The Drini i Bardhë waterfall is located west of a small village called Radac (north of Peje) along road R106 that runs into Montenegro.

From road R106 (near Radac) there is small road going to three restaurants, all with Drinit in the name. From the first restaurant it is a 15 minute walk to Drini i Bardhë waterfall.

Drini i Bardhë waterfall can be quit impressive and powerful, most time of the year.

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About Drini i Bardhë

RegionŽljeb mountain-Prokletije
RiverDrini i Bardhë
Best visitSpring