Eifersbacher wasserfall


The Eifersbacher wasserfall or Eifersbacherfall is a nice waterfall near St Johann in the region Tirol/Austria.

The water of the Eifersbach flows through an ancient looking forrest. The river Eifersbach drops down in two stages over 25 meters and look very nice.

When taling picture you will photograph the Eifersbacher wasserfall/Eifersbacherfall towards the south-southwest. Best time to visit the waterfall is midday.

East of St Johann in Tirol you can park the car at the Eichenhoflifte. From here you have to walk towards the centre of St Johann and turn left on the Tannweg. Folow the Wiesenweg to Theresienbad and you will reach the Eifersbach. Through the forrest you will reach the waterfall. I think it is also possible to take a trail that leads along the Eifersbach from road 164.

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About Eifersbacher wasserfall

LocationSt Johann-Fieberbrunn
Best visitearly summer