Fettjeåfallet is one of the highest waterfalls in Sweden with a total height of 60 meters falling in two steps. Fettjeåfallet is located northwest of Klövsjö in the region Jämtlands län, Sweden.

From Klövsjö there is a small road heading north at the west side of the lake. I think it allowed to drive there by car because it almost takes you to the bottom of the waterfall Fettjeåfallet. I am a little bit confused because several messages talk about a trail uphill for 2 kilometers along the river ???

Fettjeåfallet is one of the better waterfalls to visit in Sweden and is quit impressive to see.

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About Fettjeafallet

RegionJämtlands län
LocationKlövsjö/Fettjeån-Berg S-Vemdalen
Best visitSpring

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