Ristafallet is a powerful waterfall near Undersåker (east of Åre) in the region Jämtland, Sweden.

The waterfall Ristafallet is located along road E14 from Östersund to Trondheim (Norway). Near Undersåker (east of Åre) you will find Ristafallet camping which is directly located at the waterfall.

Ristafallet-parkingRistafallet-topThere is a parking at the camp side (paid) and you have to walk onto the camping site to the river. In a few minutes you reach the top and stairs are leading to a nice viewpoint on the waterfall. Ristafallet is only 14 meters high but is 50 meters wide and has a distinguishing shape. The shape of the waterfall is a half oval also called amfitheater. Early summer the volume is on its top but is can vary per year.  The area of the Ristafallet is a nature reserve and is a protected area.

Ristafallet is one of the biggest waterfalls in Sweden with a volume of 100-400 m3/sec (average of the river Indalsälven is 460 m3/sec). A wooded island splits up the river and divides the waterfall in two parts, both from the north and south side you can only see one side.

RistafalletComparing Ristafallet with other powerful European waterfalls, Ristafallet is certainly a top 5 waterfall regarding volume. For instance Dettifoss in Iceland has an average volume of 193 m3/sec up to a max. of 500 m3/sec.

When I was at Ristafallet July 2017 I did not had the feeling the waterfall was so extremely powerful, but I only could see the wester part of Ristafallet. I walked down to get a look on the other part but wasn’t sure it was possible to see the eastern part, so I went back.

There are several big waterfall along road E14 between Undersåker and the Norwegian border you can visit. My favorite are Tannforsen and Handolsforsen.

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About Ristafallet

Best visitEarly summer

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