(Gollinger Wasserfall, Schwarzbachfall)

The Gollinger wasserfall (sometimes named Gollingfall or Schwarzbachfall) is one of the most gorgeous waterfalls in Austria, located at Golling an der Salzach in the region Salzburg.

From highway A10 take the exit Golling an der Salzach. In Golling you have to go the west towards Torren and stay on the wasserfallweg. Signs leads to the Gollinger wasserfall. Entrance fee is required! There is a big parking near the Gollinger wasserfall (gps 47.601791, 13.140430)

From the “Torrenerhof”” you walk in 5 minutes to the base of the Gollinger wasserfall. The waterfall consist of two major plunges. The lower part of the Gollinger wasserfall is 28 meters high and the upper part 45 meters.

The Gollinger wasserfall is a major attraction in the region and I can guess why. Besides the beauty of the waterfall, the surrounding is a little bit surrealistic. Certainly when visiting the Gollinger wasserfall early May. There isn’t that much light around the waterfall and the colors of the rocks and trees are mostly dark.

It is difficult to say when the best time is to visit the Gollinger wasserfall. I liked the view on the Gollinger wasserfall very much in May but a month later the volume of the river Schwarzbach should be much more impressive.

The Gollingfall (Gollinger wasserfall) is being fed by water from a quelle (natural source/cave) named Schwarzbachfall-Höhle right above the waterfall. The cave entrance is 5 meters wide, but only 1 meter high, but very deep. The average amount of water flowing out of the cave is 1.261 l/sec, measured between 199-2011.

The direct area of the waterfall is since 1985  a natural monument.

© 5-6th picture Broderick Dyke, Austria

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About Gollingfall

LocationGolling an der Salzach-Salzachtal
Best visitMai-June

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