Schleierfall (Kuchl)

The Schleierfall is an unknown but beautiful waterfall, not far from the city of Salzburg. The Schleierfall is located near Stockach, south of Hallein, in the region Salzburg, Austria.

From the A10 take the exit Kuchl (22), and follow the signs to Kuchl (road 159). In Kuchl stay right and drive towards Stockach. Park the care somewhere near Stockach. From the roadside it is an easy walk (15 minutes) to the bottom of the Schleierfall (100 meter height difference). There are signs, but take a good look in what direction you have to walk.

From the bottom of the Schleierfall it is possible to walk to the top in 20 min. on a slipery and steep trail.

Nearby there are two other great waterfalls: Schrambacherfall and the Gollinger wasserfall, both worthwhile to visit.

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About Schleierfall (Kuchl)

Best visitEarly summer

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