Gradenbach wasserfall

The Gradenbach wasserfall is an amazing waterfall near Aich in the region Steiermark, Austria.

The waterfall can be reached by a short walk from Sonnberg/Weissenbach in the Ennstal. The trails starts at Kneippanlage Weißenbach and takes about 30 minutes. There is a busstop in front of the Kneippanlage.

The trail runs along the river Gradenbach and goes slightly up. The Gradenbach wasserfall is a tall waterfall with a total falling height of 140 meter. The part you see best is appr 40 meter and is located in a beautiful surrounding, perfect place for some nice pictures.

A walk to the Gradenbach wasserfall is a nice daytrip when staying at the Hallstatter see.

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About Gradenbach wasserfall

LocationSonnberg, Aich, Schladming
Best visitEarly summer