(Grabafall, Grawa wasserfall)

The Grawafall, also called Grabafall or Grawa wasserfall, is a big waterfall at the end of the Stubaital near Mutterberg in the region Tirol, Austria. You have to pay toll (euro 3) when entering the Stubaital.

The Grawafall is already visible from the roadside, just before the road ends at the Mutterbergklamm. In july a load of melting water feeds the river Sulzaubach and drops down over 120 meter. A mighty waterfall to see. It is not only the power and the height that is impressive but the Grawafall is also appr 85 meters wide. The Grawafall is probably the widest waterfall in Austria.

Since 1979 the area of the Grawafall and the Sulzaubach is a protected nature reserve. The Grawafall is being fed by melted water from two small lakes “Blaue Lacke and Grunausee” and the Stubaier glaciers.

Best season to visit the Grawafall is from early summer until august when the temperatures rises and the flow of the glacier river Sulzaubach is at its top.  In july the Grawafall is a really powerful waterfall.

Best daytime to visit the Grawafall is in the afternoon: when taking pictures you will photograph towards the northeast and later in the afternoon the volume of the Grawafall is a little bit higher.

I visited the Grawafall twice: the first 11 pictures are from my stay in august 2015 after a long period of warm weather. Picture 10 and 11 was 30 minutes later. There was a sudden increase of the flood and the color of the water turned into brown.

The last two pictures of the Grawafall were taken years ago at the beginning of May, but that is to early to visit this great waterfall.

The area of the Stubaier tal is very suitable for long hikes or just to visit all the waterfalls in the valley. If you just want to relax, in front of the Grawafall there is a nice platform with seats (5 minute walk) or take a drink in the restaurant at the roadside with the best view men can have!

Other great waterfalls nearby are the Mutterbergklamm wasserfall and a few kilometers back the Mischbachfall at Volderau.

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  • 26 July 2017 at 15:13

    Thank you for the info. Thanks to it, I opened this waterfall to myself and explored the area around.


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About Grawafall

Height120m +180m
Best visitJune-July