Kysovicky vodopad

(Kýšovický vodopád, Výsluňské vodopády)

Kýšovický vodopád is a low volume waterfall near Výsluní in the region Ústí nad Labem, Czech Republic (near the border with Germany).

In Výsluní you have to walk to the river Prunéřovského potoka, cross the river and there turn left. From here it is 20-30 minute walk.

The waterfall is located in the woods and doesn’t look very impressive. A stream cascades down over 26 meter and ends in the river Prunéřovského potoka.

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About Kysovicky vodopad

CountryCzech republic
RegionÚstí nad Labem
LocationVýsluní, Chomutov
RiverX (Prunéřovský potok)
Best visitAfter rainfall