Landschitz wasserfall

The Landschitz wasserfall is an unknown waterfall in the Lessachtal, north of Lessach in the region Salzburg Austria.

From Tamsweg drive to Lessach and there further on into the Lessachtal to the Lasshoferalm. A small fee is required to drive into the valley. Park the car at the Lasshoferalm.

From here walk north for 10 minutes until you see a wooden bridge at the right. Cross the bridge and follow the trail. After a short while you see a mighty waterfall,the Landschitz wasserfall at your left. At the right side there is also a small waterfall in the river Stoderbach.

Late spring and early in the summer the river Landschitzbach plunges down with great power over 15-20 meter.

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About Landschitz wasserfall

LocationLasshoferalm, Lessach
Best visitEarly summer