Lequarci, Cascata di

(Cascate di Lecorci)

Cascata di Lequarci is a waterfall on the isle of Sardegna and is 50 meters high and 70 meters wide. The waterfall is located near Santa Barbara and is after heavy rainfall very impressive to see. The bottom of the waterfall is called Cascate di Lecorci.

From Ulassai take the road to Santa Barbara. Before reaching Santa Barbara you can see the waterfall in front of the road. Driving further takes you to the base of Cascata di Lequarci, but from a distance the waterfall of Lequarci in nicer to see.

Cascata di Lequarci can almost run dry but in a wed season the waterfall is very powerful and gorgeous to see.

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About Lequarci, Cascata di

LocationSanta Barbara-Ulassai
Riverrio Lequarci
Best visitAutumn-Winter-Spring-after rainfall