Lessern wasserfall

(Mühlbach wasserfall)

The Lessern wasserfall (or Mühlbach wasserfall) is a waterfall south of Tauplitz near the village Lessern in the region Steiermark.

From Tauplitz drive to the south over road 145 until you reach Lessern. From here a trail leads to the Lessern wasserfall (Mühlbach wasserfall) which can be reached in 30 minutes. more information about the trail can be found here.

The Lessern wasserfall (Mühlbach wasserfall) lies north of Lessern in the Mühlbachtal and drops down vertically over a cliff over 60 meters. At an altitude of 800 meters the river Mühlbach flows towards the southwest. The afternoon is the best time to visit the Lessern wasserfall (Mühlbach wasserfall).

The flow of the Lessern wasserfall (Mühlbach wasserfall) is from the late spring until early summer on its maximum capacity.

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About Lessern wasserfall

Best visitLate spring-early summer

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