Melincourt Waterfall

(Rhaeadr Melin y cwrt)

The Melincourt waterfall or Rhaeadr Melin y cwrt is a 24 meter single drop waterfall at Melincourt, not far from Swansea in Wales.

From Melincourt a path leads directly to the waterfall. It is also possible to walk to the waterfall from road B4434, over a small road. A sign along the road leads to a car park.

You can reach the Melincourt waterfall in 7 minutes by foot. You also can walk behind the waterfall, a nice view.

Best time to visit the Melincourt falls is after rainfall when the flow in the river gets quit powerful.

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About Melincourt Waterfall

CountryUnited Kingdom
LocationMelincourt, Neath-Swansea
RiverX (Neath river)
Best visitSpring, after rainfall