Moulin Marquis, Cascade de

Cascade de Moulin Marquis is a low volume waterfall with a great height at Cirque du Bournillon in the Vercors. Most of the time you hardly see the waterfall flowing but it still is an official named waterfall and one of the highest waterfalls in France.

Probably Cascade de Moulin Marquis is the highest single drop waterfall of France with a single drop of appr. 400 metrs.

Cascade de Moulin Marquis van be found along the D531, 17 kilometers west of Villard the Lance in the region Rhone Alpes/Isere. When you see a turn to/sign Grotte de Choranche, on the left you hopefully see Cascade de Moulin Marquis.

The origin of Cascade de Moulin Marquis lies below the cave Grotte de Gaulois where the water comes straight out of the mountains.

Picture by akunamatata/flickr

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About Moulin Marquis, Cascade de

RegionRhone Alpes/Isere
LocationCirque Bournillon-Châtelus
Best visitAfter period of rainfall