Cascade d’Allières

(Cascade de Claix, Cascade de la Pissarde)

Cascade d’Allières is a single drop waterfall with a height of 50 meter in Claix, in the region Isère, France. The waterfalls are located on the edge of Vercors Regional Natural Park.

From Grenoble it is a 11 kilomter drive to Claix over road A480, to the south. In Claix drive further to Allières sur Claix on Rue du Vercors. The trailhead to Cascade d’Allières lies at “Chemin de Jayeres” (gps 45.108531, 5.659738).

Parking is possible along the small road, somewhere near the path. The walk takes you to the top of the waterfall where you have a view from aside. But if you take the left turn at the beginning, the trail runs to the river where you have a nice view from the bottom.

Cascade d’Allières has several other names: Cascade de Claix or Cascade de la Pissarde.

Best time to visit Cascade d’Allières is early in the season or after rainfall. In summertime the volume of the river can be reduced to a tiny stream.

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About Cascade d’Allières

RiverLa Pissarde
Best visitSpring

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