Murel, Cascades de

Cascades de Murel is a set of several small waterfalls in the river Valeine with a total descent of 25 meters. The biggest single drop and also the most beautiful one is 13 meters high and ends in a nice pool. Looks to me a perfect spot to swim….

Upstream, a 1 hour walk, there is another waterfall in the river Valeine called Saut de la Prade with a height of 25 meters.

Cascades de Murel are located east of Albussac (south of Tulle) in the region Limousin/Correze, France. From Albussac it is possible to walk shortly to Saut de la Prade via Le Murel.
The other waterfalls can be visited from Forges>Grand Champ>D113E1. From Forges there are small signs to Grandchamp/Cascades de Murel. From the end of the road it is a 5 minute walk.

As far I can see the river flows all year around with a respectable volume. I like the early summer season, but probably best time to visit Cascades de Murel is after a period of rainfall.

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About Murel, Cascades de

RiverLa Valeine
Height13m +25m
Best visitAfter rainfall