Cascade de Faillitoux

Cascade de FaillitouxCascade de Faillitoux is an awesome waterfall with a single drop of 45 meters and is located near Thiezac in the region Auvergne/Cantal, France. Today, Cascade de Faillitoux is a popular destination for tourists and nature enthusiasts. 

From Thiezac take road D59 to the north direction Confolens/Lasmolineries. Drive around the village of Lasmolineries heading north (there are signs). After 2 kilometer there is a free car park in the corner of the road (gps 45.028158, 2.641283). When I was there the end of April 2023, I was welcomed by a friendly donkey who was watching what I was doing. Funny to see and people love donkeys.

From the car park it is 10-15 minute walk to cascade de Faillitoux, but you also can decide to park your car in the village of Lasmolineries. This seems a nice walk and I sure would do this if you are not in a hurry (1-1,5 hour). 
From the parking near the waterfall the path is clearly visible and the walk is easy and very pleasant. There where several families visiting this astonishing waterfall. It had rained before and the path was muddy. Soon you reach the base of Cascade de Faillitoux. The waterfall has a single drop off 45 meters and early in the season or after rainfall the power of the water can be very impressive.

The creation of Cascade de Faillitoux dates back millions of years to the formation of the Massif Central, a mountain range that covers much of central France. The Massif Central was formed during the Variscan orogeny, a period of intense tectonic activity that occurred around 350 million years ago. The waterfall crosses a lava flow that has formed basaltic organs at the foot of the waterfall. This rock face made of basaltic organs is impressive, one can read the history of the Cantalien volcano and of this lava flow.

Cascade de Faillitoux is located at an altitude of 1010 meters, which is quite rare for the Cantal region.

The name Faillitoux comes from the Occitan word “fayet,” which means “beech tree.” The surrounding forest is rich with beech trees, which add to the natural beauty of the waterfall.

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About Cascade de Faillitoux

RiverRuisseau de Lasmolineries
Best visitSpring-after rainfall

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