The Murgbachfall is a massive waterfall between the Mittlerer Murgsee and the Unterer Murgsee. Although the Murgbachfall is only 57 meter high, after heavy rainfall or early in the season the waterfall can turn into a powerful waterfall.

The Murgbachfall is located south of the Walensee near Murg/Quarten. From the Walensee (road 3) drive to Quarten and there go south on the Quarterstrasse>Murgtalstrasse. There is some text on a house point right to Murgtal. At the end of the road you can park the car or drive further (to the Guterstrasse) for 4 kilometer paying Toll (appr 10 CHF).

At the right side of the road you will see a low volume waterfall the Gsponbachfall. After parking the car at the end of the Guterstrasse it is still a one hour walk (one way). Just follow the river and keep on the trail.

Best time to visit the Murgbachfall is early summer.


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About Murgbachfall

RegionSt Gallen
LocationMurgsee, Walensee, Quarten
Best visitEarly summer, after heavy rainfall