Nacimiento Del Rio Asón

(Cascada de Cailagua, Cascada Cola de Caballo)

Cascada Nacimiento Del Rio Asón or Cascada del Ason is one of the biggest waterfalls in Spain with a single drop of 70 meters and a total height of appr 110 meter. Nacimiento means “birth of”, the source of the river Asón. Cascada Nacimiento Del Rio Asón is a karstic waterfall where the source lies in the mountains/area behind the waterfall: El Cuadralijo/Los Castros de Horneo.

Cascada Nacimiento Del Rio Asón is located west of La Gandara in the region Cantabria, Spain. The waterfall can be seen from a viewpoint on road CA-265. After the viewpoint on Cascada Nacimiento Del Rio Asón cars are not allowed. You can park the car and walk towards the waterfall in 15 minutes.

There is a lot of rainfall in the region of Cantabria. On almost every picture you will see a powerful waterfall but after a dry period Cascada Nacimiento Del Rio Asón runs almost dry. Best period to visit Cascada Nacimiento Del Rio Asón is november (with a lot of rainfall) or springtime.

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About Nacimiento Del Rio Asón

LocationLa Gandara
RiverRio Asón
Height70m +110m
Best visitSpring-after rainy period