Pacard, cascata di

(Cascata di Paccard)

Cascata di Pacard is a big waterfall at the mountains near Brusson in the region Valle d’Aosta, Italy.

Cascata di Pacard can be reached from Brusson where a trail runs to Lago Bringuez. Start of the trail lies at a small parking (1 car) on the road from Brusson to La Croix. In a sharp curve you will see a path, a house and a prohibited for cars sign (gps 45.761661, 7.747135).

First part of the trail is easy but after crossing the river twice, you have to go right where the trail runs steeply up (ascend 160 meter). First viewpoint is a right (death end) turn. Finally you can walk a little bit further to see Cascata di Pacard from aside.

The walk takes about 60 minutes, I think. Real hikers can go on to Lago Bringuez on an altitude of 2.500 meter.

Cascata di Pacard is in potential a great waterfall, certainly early summer with a total height of appr 70 meter, although it looks much more.

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About Pacard, cascata di

RegionValle d'Aosta
RiverTorrente Messuere
Best visitEarly summer