Parabola slap

(Parabola waterfall)

In the northwest of Slovenia, near the town Log pod Mangartom (road 203), lies a beautiful river gorge named Fratarica. In the gorge Fratarica there about 12 cascades, with a total descend of 1,000 meters. The lower falls are easily accessible, from which Slap Parabola is the most impressive one.

The gorge and waterfall are accessible from Log pod Mangartom. At the fire station (Gasilski dom) is a signpost pointing to Parabola Slap. After crossing the Koritnica River follows a path toward the Fratarica gorge.

Just before you reach slap Parabola you will see another nice waterfall of 8 meter, called slap Katedrala. Slap Katedrala can be reached in 20 minutes. From here it is another 5 minutes until you reach slap Parabola. Slap Parabola plunges down over 48 meter in a free fall and ends in a small emerald green pool.

You can walk further up the Fratarica gorge but the waterfalls upstream are very difficult to reach.

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About Parabola slap

CountryWaterfalls in Slovenia
RegionGoriška - Tolmin
LocationLog pod Mangartom
Best visitSpring