Pisseveille, Cascade de (Vallon pont d’Arc)

Cascade de Pisseveille is one of the few great waterfall in the region Rhone-Alpes/Ardeche, France. Cascade de Pisseveille is located east of Vallon pont d’Arc, near Chames.

From Vallon pont d’Arc take road D290 to the west past Chames. Almost 2 kilometers of Chames there is a sharp bend in the road where there is also a parking: from here starts a trail to a viewpoint on Cascade de Pisseveille.

From the parking it isn’t very far (600 meters) before you reach a viewpoint on Cascade de Pisseveille but the trail descents 100 meters in a short time. From the viewpoint you will see a single drop of 80 meters. You can walk towards the base of the waterfall.

Cascade de Pisseveille is a beautiful waterfall in a rainy period (winter or Spring), but I think in summertime the waterfall almost dries out.

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About Pisseveille, Cascade de (Vallon pont d’Arc)

LocationVallon du tiourre/Chames-Vallon pont d'Arc
RiverRuisseau de Pisseveille/Tiourre
Best visitWinter-Spring-after rainfall