Pla D’Ailhet, Cascade du

Cascade du Pla D’Ailhet is a small waterfall in the Cirque d’Estaube (Gedre) in the French Pyrenees. The waterfall is located on an altitude of 1.831 meters. The waterfalls can be reached from the parking at Lac des Gloriettes.

In Gedre (south of Luz Saint Sauveur) take the D922 to the lake and park the car here. It is the same road as to the more popular cirque du Troumouse but you have to turn right. From here a trail starts to Cascade du Pla D’Ailhet and Cirque d’Estaube.

The walk takes 90-120 minutes and is appr 7 kilometers long. Be sure to walk east of the river Estaube when possible. This trail ends at the waterfall.

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About Pla D’Ailhet, Cascade du

RegionMidi Pyrenees/Haute Pyrenees
LocationCirque d'Estaube-Gedre-Lourdes
RiverGave de Estaubé
Best visitEarly summer-summer