Plodda falls

Plodda falls is an impressive waterfall with a single drop of appr. 50 meters in two steps. In rainy period the Plodda falls can grow to a very powerful waterfall.

Plodda falls are locates south of Cannich (Inverness) near Tomich in Scotland (United Kingdom). From Inverness take the A862 to Kilmorock and proceed on the A831 to Cannich. In Cannich drive to the post office and follow the road to Fasnakyle and Tomich. In Tomich there are sign pointing you to Plodda falls. The last 2 kilometers is a dirt road. There is a parking lot with a small fee.

The viewpoint from above can be reached in a few minutes, but it is also possible to make a roundtrip with several good viewpoints.

Nearby you can find another (small) waterfall called Dog falls and is located north of the Plodda falls in the river Affric, near the main road.


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About Plodda falls

CountryUnited Kingdom
LocationGlen Affric/Tomich-Inverness
RiverAbhainn Deabhag
Best visitAfter heavy rainfall